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“As a writer myself of Western novels, authenticity is mandatory to me. Mr. Turner accomplishes that in Chet Henderson: Texas Ranger – Book One.” William H. Joiner Jr. - Bestselling Western Author

“When it comes to Western adventure, few would read this book and think it lacked any of the major ingredients of a Western.” Paul L. Thompson – Bestselling Western Author

“Pete Turner has a style of his own & he allows it to blossom into a fully-fledged Western novel few will be able to resist.” Robert Hanlon – Bestselling Western Author

Why I Write Westerns

I write Westerns because I have always been fascinated by the Old West. I grew up in the Golden Age of Westerns, Hop-Along Cassidy to John Wayne, Chuck Conners, Randolph Scott, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, and Wagon Train. The list is endless. Each of these shows, movies, and actors has influenced my writing. As a former history teacher, I try to write historically accurate stories, at least as far as it fits into the storyline. In my books, the hero doesn’t always get the girl. In fact, most times, there is no girl. If he has six cartridges in his revolver, then he only has six bullets, not twenty! Sometimes the bad guys do win!

Lastly, I wanted to create likable but flawed characters and insert them into an Old West fast-paced tale. What challenges would they face? How would they cope? Would they survive or simply blow away, like so many tumbleweeds? Hopefully, readers and lovers of Westerns will enjoy reading my books as much as I do writing them.

A Dream Fulfilled!

Writing has always been a lifelong dream. Finally, at 71 years young, that dream became a reality with the publication of my Western: “Chet Henderson: Texas Ranger-Book One.” Since then, I have written four more books in the Chet Henderson series and have started two new Mountain Man Series; Bear Willis: The Making of a Mountain Man & Willie: McGee: Into the West.

Recently, I have partnered up with my lovely granddaughter and released “The Mountain Man and the Great Western” Willie McGee teams up with Sara Bowman, aka, The Great Western, a real-life heroine of the Old West. Together, they fight to bring law & order to El Paso.

I have also co-author two books with the well-known Western Author Casey Nash: “There Will Be Blood” & Blood in the Texas Badlands” brings Bear Willis and Jubal Stone together to bring the outlaws to justice. Casey and I have just partnered up again to write another book, featuring his great character Jubal Stone and mine, the legendary their leading character & the legendary Bear Willis.

I’m honored to have been chosen as one of six authors to write a short story for a very special limited edition Western Novel “The Hunt of the Mountain Man” now available on Amazon.

There are thousands of Western stories to be told. Men and women who lived extraordinary lives. The more I explore the Old West, the more I am amazed at the folks I discover to have their stories told. So Stay tuned! 2022 is going to be a real barn burner!

I am thrilled that all my books have been well received, earning 4+ Stars on Amazon.

As a Vietnam Veteran, I wanted to
donate a portion of the profits from my books to the Carroll County Veterans Independence Project (VIP). VIP is a local non-profit Veterans program, run by Veterans for Veterans and their families. The center provides counseling, training, and help with Veterans' benefits. Please visit their website at https://carrollcountyvip.org/



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