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Below is a collection of some of my books. To see my complete catalog, please go to my Author’s Page on Amazon.

“Chet Henderson: Texas Ranger” - Books 1-6: Chet Henderson is a legend, one of the old breed of Texas Rangers still in the saddle. His superiors want Chet to take a desk job, and his girlfriend is tired of patching up his wounds. Follow his adventures as he deals out justice Henderson style!

Bear Willis: Mountain Man Book” - Books 1-7 Bear Willis, the grandson of the giant they called the Viking, has been a trapper, scout, and Indian Fighter. Bear was adopted by the Pawnee and feared by the Shoshone. But who is Bear really? Where did he get his name and his three Indian wives? Follow Bear’s adventures as he struggles to stay alive and becomes a legend like his granddad.

“There Will Be Blood” & “Blood in the Texas Badlands are two co-writes that I did with Casey Nash. These stories bring Casey’s character Jubal Stone and mine Bear Willis together in a rip roaring no holds bar adventure.

“Fearless: Twenty-five True Stories of Fearless Frontier Women” I’m proud that my granddaughter is a Western fan and author. Together we teamed up to tell the stories of 25 real life women. From heroines to outlaws, prostitutes to homesteaders, con artist to entertainers. Each story is a tale of survival and over coming incredible hardship.

Other great Western Books by Peter Alan Turner: Amazon.com: Peter Alan Turner: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle All are available on Amazon.

In 2022 I plan more great Western novels. So hang on to your Stetson’s!

Writing with Authenicity

In crafting my books, I try to write with authenicity, Staying true to the facts and bringing the past alive while at the same time writing exciting Westerns is what I shoot for! (Yes the pun was intended) All my books are 4+ Stars rated on Amazon, so I must be doing something right!


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